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At TrackEye, we provide discreet and confidential services to help individuals uncover the truth in personal relationships. Our team is committed to professionalism and client privacy, while also being mindful of the emotional impact of these issues. We aim to provide a reliable solution and compassionate support to help our clients make informed decisions about their future.


Help you to get hold of facts: Our team at TrackEye is highly sensitive to the urgency and importance of personal relationship investigations. When it comes to pre-matrimonial investigations, we thoroughly examine crucial areas such as age, education, moral character, criminal clearance, and business details to uncover the truth.


Inclined to your satisfaction: At TrackEye, we conduct post-matrimonial investigations with complete confidentiality and attention to detail. Our goal is to help our clients obtain solid evidence to make informed decisions. Our team provides the best possible coverage in all investigations, including phone tapping and video recording. We handle all cases with professionalism and discretion.


This is What We Master: At TrackEye, our team of expert investigators specializes in divorce cases and promises to deliver relevant evidence promptly. We conduct thorough investigations into the spouse’s assets, behavior, and other relevant aspects to provide concrete evidence in court. Whether it’s fighting for child custody or ending a relationship with a cheating partner, choosing TrackEye can be a game changer.


We understand the sensitivity of love affairs and extra-marital affairs investigations and treat each case with respect and discretion. Our team conducts complete shadowing and surveillance of the partner, reporting any suspicious activity to our clients. We aim to provide reliable and accurate information without causing any further emotional distress. You can trust us to handle your case with the utmost care and professionalism.


Clear All Your Doubts: TrackEye has the necessary experience to conduct surveillance and shadowing investigations. Our team is skilled in both stationary and mobile surveillance and is equipped to handle any case. Whether for individual or corporate clients, we provide a well-compiled report at the end of the investigation. Just provide us with the details, and our investigators will get to work. Trust us to handle your surveillance and shadowing needs with professionalism and expertise.


We Make The Search Go Easy: We understand how painful it can be when a family member or office colleague goes missing. Our team is experienced in carrying out missing person investigations promptly. Regardless of whether the person has gone missing willingly or due to external factors, we ensure that evidence is collected and submitted to begin the search process. You can rely on us to handle the investigation with speed and efficiency, giving you the best chance of finding your loved one or colleague. 

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Questions? Send us a message!

Questions? Send us a message!