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Divorce Case Investigation & Child Custody

Sometimes life becomes upside down and you have to take that difficult decision to part ways from your life partner and bring to an end to your married life. The one that was your love once, now cannot be beared anymore. All because of the dynamics of time and equations of your relation with you both are going through. With respecting your decision, we only want to bring out the positive outcome from your delicate situation. We pursue to make your life easier within the process or after divorce.

How do we work for Divorce Case Investigation?

Once you register with us, we make sure you are getting thorough assistance to tell your story. But, make sure, everything is true, not any cooked-up story that can not only waste our time, effort and money but also it can be difficult to give you a positive result. After getting the information from you, we will map a way to take the case on board and make every possible and legal way to take it on a favorable end.

What are the questions we generally ask you during the meetup?

Though, it is not easy to get into the reasons for leaving each other, still one has to explain what were the things causing him/her to get excluded. Here, we mostly ask you some related questions that are:

  • When was the first time you felt that there is something wrong in the relationship?
  • Was it intentional to from your or his/her side?
  • When you both got into the first fighting?
  • Did he/she get physical ever or how many times if he/she often gets into it?
  • Is he/she having an affair?
  • Is he/she a drug addict or an alcoholic?
  • Did you ever catch him/her with someone else?
  • Is it a financial issue you are facing with him/her?
  • Is he/she having health deficiency that causes you to part ways?

Also, there might be some more questions depending on your personal information or according to your story.

What all you need to Know about our professional investigators?

When it comes to performing fully-professional way, we make sure quality retainment while ensuring efficiency. We are a team of expert investigators who are known for serious commitments towards their assignments. Our team of private divorce detectives is highly expert. We usually higher professional investigators from renowned organizations. They are a top-notch higher than the regular candidates. They have got expertise in handling odd situations. In case, you want to hire a private divorce investigator or detective, you can call, email or meet in person with us. For more information, call us now.

What is the duration of divorce case investigation?

As soon as we start working on our set plans, we make sure the quality process ends up with a productive and positive note. We use advanced technology to back pour execution which includes the latest audio and video recorders, cameras, scanners. We keep on looking to new technologies in the market to make it more qualitative and authentic as evidence or proof. These performing tactics help us to wrap up the case sooner. Apart from that, it can take time of one week or more; or a month or more than a month depending on a type of case. We also make sure the privacy and dignity of our clients while helping them with our dedicated determination.

We also include child custody with Divorce Case Investigation

We handle everything that comes under the divorce case investigation service. Be it child custody, alimony and others. We have experienced many cases where our client wants extra protection while wanting complete justice for their children. It is never easy for a child to come across such a situation. While the party nets are parting their ways, its child who suffers the most in his/her growing age. We make sure extra care and vigilance when it comes to your child’s custody.

Here, alimony plays an integral role to help a wife/mother to ensure her child’s future. We do not intervene in the legal Indian law, but we make sure that your partner is not hiding his exact property to get rid of his responsibility. We look for every possible way to expose your partner so that you can get enough alimony to back your child’s bright future.

Other investigation services for our different clients

Apart from Divorce Case Investigation, we also handles several other services that includes

  • Child Investigation Service
  • Pre-Marital or Extra-Marital Investigation Service
  • Employee Investigation Service
  • Corporate Investigation Service
  • Person Missing Investigation Service

So, if you require any of the above services, we are here to assist you with our best possible ways. Also, we also offer you personalised and complete private assistance to ensure the secrecy and dignity of our clients.

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Questions? Send us a message!

Questions? Send us a message!