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Bengaluru Office Address : 28, G Floor, Sri Laxmi Nilaya, NR Layout, Near Rajeshwari Theatre, Konena Agrahara, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560017

Detective Agency in Bangalore/Bengaluru

Track Eye intelligence is one of the most renowned detective agency in Bangalore/Karnataka which has been serving all over the country for a while now. And you can expect your work to be done with excellence and perfection throughout the time without any issues caused by our detectives.

Planning to hire a private detective? Go for the best of the bests i.e. Track Eye!

There are several benefits which you can easily avail after you hire a private detective from the Track eye but here are some of the important and basic services and qualities we feature just to ensure good service for our clients.

Privacy is the prime factor

Privacy comes at the top of the list for the clients when it comes to hiring private detectives because identity is the most important part that shouldn’t be revealed at any cost, otherwise it won’t be called as a private investigation anymore. We assure all of our clients that there is zero percent of the chances of identity exposure of any of our clients throughout the investigation. All you provided information is deleted and never retrieved back after your case is solved or your work is done.

Accurate Outcomes

We are well known to provide accurate results regarding all the cases we take and following up even after the case is solved has been one of the most favorable services to all of our clients from the very beginning. We assure all of our clients that there will be no negligence during the investigations and serving our clients equivalently is our motto i.e. you can expect the best from the bests in the market.

Well-Trained Team of Detectives

With specific information on certain categories of crime or conditions, our detectives can work strategically to serve you. Track Eye Detective Agency in Bangalore is filled up with talented and experts from all over the world where you can expect our agent to work according to your needs and also our agents use various gadgets which can be very useful and stealth at the same time to serve you or get the appropriate information to your table.


Well, if you are planning to hire a private detective for any of your employees or your family members then it is totally easy and without any hassle, we can feature you our detective to start the work after you provide information and within fee hours our detectives will reach you and start investigating or providing apt information that you demanded. So, when it comes to providing a service the foremost thing is the availability and we can assure you that all of our branches provide the best possible intelligence services in Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Mumbai, and many more cities where we tend to serve all of our clients with punctuality with the assurance of correct information provided.

Yet, you can expect a lot from the Track Eye detective agency in India but we do take consideration of all the laws, rules and regulations set by the government of India and we never try to cross that line because once we do that’s over. Hence, we carry out all our investigation duties within the rules set and without violating any of them.

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Questions? Send us a message!

Questions? Send us a message!