About Us

Track Eye is a Professional, Ethical, Hard Working & Reliable Investigation Agency To Opt In For!

Track Eye is one of the most reputed investigation services out there, with a satisfied client adding to the list regularly, we hope that the trend continues!

For us your confidentiality matters, believe us we are not going to play around with this at any cost!

Who We Are

Being in Inteligence industry from 18 years and in Security services from 5 years, we know the in and out of the niche and this is what makes us different and indeed better from others. Our process of carrying our investigations is a bit different; we are committed to providing all required details to the clients and that in an ethical way.

Track Eye has a wonderful team of seasoned and highly intuitive investigators; we will work in a prescribed way to ensure that all the information required reaches you on time. Whether it is about investigation a personal relation for infidelity or a corporate one for information leak outs, we make sure all facts are gathered and given to you without any tampering.


At Track Eye, we are with a mission to help you get hands over trust and only truth; we will not call it done until we provide you with all evidences and proofs. No matter, whether we are investigating your spouse, girlfriend or business partner, the focus is on how maxim information is to be extracted and we would do this irrespective of how complex the situation is.

Our team of investigators would begin with the work only after the situation is analyzed to the fullest, we will put ourselves in your shoes, know what would be hurting you the most and then carry out the investigations. Our goal is to find an answer to all those things that have been troubling and once we attain this, we will call it a job done.

Why Track Eye?

Start Counting The Reasons Now

When it comes to hiring someone to carry out private investigations for you or corporate ones for your business, you need someone capable for the job and this is why you need to go with us. We are an honest and completely committed investigation agency that enjoys a proven track record of carrying out thousands of investigations.

With a rich database of super satisfied clients, we do not have to take it to brag to make you know why going for us will be an intelligent move. We expedite the assignment looking into your urgency, but at the same time we ensure that no shortcuts are taken.

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