Detective Agency in Punjab

Hire the best detective agency of punjab to get the information right on to your table.

Branches in Punjab of Track Eye Detective Agency

Chandigarh-Mohali :- Sco 170, Sector 17-C, Near Yes Bank, Chandigarh- 160017

Ludhiana :- Sandhu Tower, Ferozepur Rd, Gurdev Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab 14100

Jalandhar :- PPR Mall, 19, Mithapur Rd, Jalandhar, Punjab

Amritsar :- Basement, Below OBC Bank, Daya Nand Nagar, Kamla Devi Avenue, Amritsar

• Patiala – Amar Complex, SCO 10, Chotti Baradari, Baradari, Patiala, Punjab 14700

detective services in punjab

Well, if you have not heard about the private detectives in real life then here it is. Yes, the private detectives do work for some of the associates or nowadays for everyone to provide information or to just track the daily activities of a particular person. If you are not aware of the detectives then you also must not know about the benefits of hiring one.

Why choose Track eye?

So, if you live anywhere in Punjab then Track eye could be the most renowned and known services in Punjab to feature private detective services. Well when it comes to detective agencies in Punjab, we stand out to be successful as compared to other detective agencies in the state. 

Our company features many experts and experienced agents from all over the world who are trained specially to do these kinds of jobs such as retrieving information, tracking people, surveillance and many more abilities which can be easily benefited if you went on to hire a detective from our agency.

What are the conditions where our detective can help you out?

When it comes to personal or professional conditions, there are tons of situation which can’t be handled until and unless an experienced and smart person walks in to defend or gather information for you. Well, we can easily help you out in this case and here are some of the cases where you can contact us without any hitch.

Here are a few specialized services we feature within our company

Pre or post-marital investigation

Marriage is one of the most important parts of your lives and there are times when you get cheated badly and in some situations, you can also get conned. Within this service, our experts can help you out with all the daily visits of your probable life partner before and after your marriage to provide you with every single activity of your partner within the day. Hence, if you found your partner to be clean then it’s good and if you don’t then it is up to you. 

Surveillance of a particular person

There are times when you will feel that something’s wrong within your family or your business. But, when you have a suspect in your mind our detectives can dig into every single action of that particular person to get you up to date every single hour. Be it meeting people or shopping, the detective won’t hesitate to inform you.

Collection of legal information

This is the time when you can take help of our legal informers to make your way through the case. There are times when you are just one step away to win the case but you are not able to collect the information which could let you win, here the detectives can come up and use their skills and contacts to help you go through. 

Well, these are some of the information about the Track Eye detective agency but if you really want some work to be done then we are always there for you in your city and feel free to give a call or approach us.