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Pre-Matrimonial Investigation – A Must-Do Step Before You Get Married

Getting married to a trusted, loyal person is not that much easy as it seems. That’s why people prefer approaching a reliable intelligence agency/company who can investigate about their partner’s past. Doing this is a great decision.

So Track Eye Detective Agency is here to help you out with our top-notch Pre-Matrimonial Investigation services. Our Detective service will help you in investigating your partner who you are going to get hitched with. When you hire us, you can get to learn about academic qualifications, past affairs, and so on. All you have to do is contact the professionals of Track Eye Detectives without wasting time. 


Why should you Conduct Pre-Matrimonial Investigations?

We all know that marriage is an ambiguous association with another individual and hence we need to try to make this association as certain as possible. If you want to be happy in the future and want to get a clear idea of what you are about to get after you get married, then you need to familiar with the past and present of your partner, his/her family, habits, friends, attitude, and so on. Some believe that asking them relevant questions is more than enough. But what will you do if the answers fail to satisfy your queries? Well, you have nothing to worry about. Let us conduct an investigation for you. 

Peace of Mind is what you Get Availing our Service:

At Track Eye, we’ll conduct Pre-Matrimonial Investigation for you and give you information like what your partner prefers doing in his/her free time, what type of company he/she enjoys, how will they accept you in their family.

By approaching Track Eye, you have nothing to worry about the pre-matrimonial investigation since we have a team of expert detectives. These detectives would study your case thoroughly and after that, they will go for the required inquiries to make the procedure complete. This helps you to know about the individual you are about to choose as your partner for a lifetime. So, approaching us and using our services would help you in gathering the proper pieces of information about your partner before you marry him/her. 

Most importantly, we do care for your money and time hence we complete the investigation within the promised deadlines. Even, while comparing the fees with the services we offer, you would find that we charge a reasonable price. Though in some of the complicated cases, the rates for the investigation might differ based on the mutual understanding of both parties.

Some of our Services that Include in the Pre-Matrimonial Investigation:

  • General character authentication
  • Authentication of social repute of girl/boy
  • Background check of both the families
  • Financial standing of the boy/girl and family
  • Social reputation and status of the family
  • General nature, behavior, and education of boy/girl
  • Detailed background reports of their actions
  • Information associated with his/her business/employment

Why Choose our Services:

  • Privacy of Information: At Track Eye, we understand what makes you feel associating with a detective agency and hence we give our best to keep everything confidential. Our detectives are experienced and highly skilled in performing their investigations without disclosing anything.
  • Proven Track Record: We have been serving people for ages and we have attained wonderful reviews and feedback in all these years. We will be privileged to help you in dealing with your personal issues. We hire only experienced and professional detectives and they are both physically and mentally strong of the tedious job that investigation is.
  • Evidence: We never leave our clients in the cliff-hanger. Rather we prefer giving them answers with evidence. We present the investigation outcomes backing it up with photographs, video recordings, audio so that our clients can get a crystal-clear image of what is taking place behind their back.

So, in case you are going to get hitched to somebody and you feel that you hardly know him/her, then you should conduct a Pre-Matrimonial Investigation and get the answers to your queries, which keep coming in your head. 

  • Get in touch with us if you want to know the truth of your would-be partner in order to build trust in him/her. We promise you to deliver the best-in-class investigation service that will help you to make the best decision of your life.
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Questions? Send us a message!

Questions? Send us a message!