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In India, private detective agencies are instructed to maintain the dignity and ethics of an individual, presetious personalities or organization within the limits of their work ethics. A private detective agency works for any person, organization or firm who seeks for a thorough investigation on any suspect( according to them) for various reasons that might sometimes be criminal or sometimes not. To make the investigation process more ethical, there are limits which are meant by the legal law authority of India wherein some Dos and Don’ts are determined within the parameter of case execution.

Dos for the Private Investigation Agency

Access Social Security and License Number-

First of all, private detective agencies need to possess license and valid credentials to offer their services. Then, they can execute their case ensuring the dignity, privacy and protection of any person, property or organization.

Disguise and Experience-

It is important for private detective agencies to answer all the questions which are asked by their clients. They might be to ensure their authenticity, how much they work ensuring ethics, their past records and many more. It is allowed for the private investigation agencies to disguise but where it is extremely needed.

Written Agreement-

It is necessary for the private investigation agencies to work foolproof. For that, they need to bring out the written documents with policies, clauses, dos & don’ts and any additional document. It needs to be signed by both parties to proceed further in the case. There should not be any verbal assurance. They will not be treated as valid evidence.

Don'ts for the Private Investigation Agency

Access Private Records and Documents-

Getting into anyone’s private space is strictly prohibited in India whether intervening in someone’s home, organization or anything. Though, at some point the private detectives need to access the private belongings of the suspect. The private detective service can acquire the permission of investigation of private documents or records.But, Either it can be permitted by the very client or the government.

Spying the call logs-

It is also important to know that private investigation services cannot access the call records from anyone’s personal phone. It will be considered as an illegal activity. Also, they cannot get into someone’s private property suspiciously, it can be illegal too. When it comes to arrest after spying on someone, they are also not allowed to do that. If they want to do so, they need to make sure that they have got the permission or search warrant for the same.

Recording a phone conversation-

It is ethically wrong to record someone’s phone conversation. Also, it is illegal in India. Whether it is any commoner or any spy from a reputed investigation agency, one cannot record the phone conversation of someone else. If any investigation firm needs to do that, first it needs to acquire a legal permission to do the same.

We at Track Eye Detective Agency completely obey the rules which are made by the Government of India. We do not ask you unnecessary questions or documents. If you want any further information, you can get into touch with us right now.

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Questions? Send us a message!

Questions? Send us a message!